Radio 105 App Reviews

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Too bad

Sound quality wasnt very good. Very laggy

Choppy non fluid stream

Maybe will work better for others but on my end , streams cuts in and out too much .

Not worth the download

The stream is interrupted every other second making it impossible to listen to it. It also doesnt tell you what song is playing. There are other better apps out there.

A very nice app

Its simple and works!

What happened?

Did the update and know it doesnt work!

A simple Radio station

A very simple program, no extra options, just one single radio station with popular music from around the world. Some Spanish, some Italian. No skipping or pausing. Its just like tuning into a regular radio station. This station plays plenty of commercials.

Great Dance Choons

I was surfing the Apps music store to find a dance radio station and this one hits the dance floor. There appears to be rock too but Im happy with it so far. Download it!

dope beat productions

yeeeaah first to comment skate or die

Not worth the time to download

Its like a broken record, skipping and skipping. I never heard a complete word, let alone a complete SONG. Yikes. Not very impressive at all.

Thats why free!

Ive never hear radio through this. Im luckey it was free. just delete it.

Great radio station!

This is the greatest Italian radio station, the app is simple, but works fine.

No no no terrible

Dont even bother to look at it

Works perfecty! This app is for Italian listeners

The app is really simple but you can listen at your fav radio station all over the world. That is great! We love 105

Leone di lernia

This app is great! I hear perfectly. This is the best Italian radio station.


First at all..... its an Italian radio station ( for the stupid morons that dont have brain!!!!!) Second... it would be recommended to be in an area out of the desert!!! ... maybe than u will have a better connection!!!! ...this app is fine!!! dont listen to this brainless people!!

Does not work

Dont lose time whith this radio


Other free radio apps only give one station and this gives more! Its great for those learning Italian.

App crashes

The 105 radio app keeps on crashing by itself after a few minutes of playing. Also it will stop playing when u are multitasking. iPhone 4S current iOS

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